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Many would disagree with the title, but I like them - at least some of them... This is my collection of musical pieces I have made over the past few years. There's a lot more to this list than what you see here, but they have either been obliterated, lost in hard drive crashes, just plain lost or just plain crap! Those that I have available here make up a compilation called 'Fifty/50', and I suppose that could be thought of as a Best of/Worst of...

I haven't had a lot of time to make music, of late, and I miss messing around with all that software - sure I still do a lot of audio work, but that is usually exactly that, audio work. The Net quality MP3s have now been replaced! On July 22, 2005 I changed the licensing from my own licensing to Creative Commons licensing. Creative Commons allows my music to be placed in more places legally through the Internet while maintaining my ownership of the Copyright. Please see the "Some Rights Reserved" link below to discover what your rights are pertaining to distribution and modification of these titles. IF YOU WISH TO USE ANY OF THIS MUSIC FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES (FILM, STAGE, VIDEO GAMES, ETC) PLEASE FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME AT [email protected]

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

Dialup (64 kbps)
Broadband (160 kbps)

(listed in order of composition date, song order on CD differs)

A bouncy little TR707 style tune. Basically I made this while messing around with ReBirth - a great piece of software by Propellerhead. I originally called it Crater because I could only see a Moon Buggy bouncing along the craters of the moon like in Atari's Moon Patrol, but afterward, discovered the true meaning of the song when the hard drive containing the original composition cratered! Hahahahaha. Originally released under my old handle: Wolfgar the Terrible (I bet you haven't heard that one for a while, at least if you know me...)

This one is one of my favorites. I started this one simply to demonstrate some software to a friend of mine. I seemed to hit the right combination and ended up with this. I called it Dream for two reasons. First, it is somewhat hypnotic, mind you you are listening to a guy who thinks that the static on TV is hypnotic, hahahaha. Secondly, probably more the true reason, is that it resembles the style of Tangerine Dream. I would say that this is my second favorite of the bunch that is listed here. This was my first release on the now defunct MP3 dot com.

A darker shade of Crater. This was made during the Kosovo crisis after watching brutal images on CNN for far too long. The heavier drum sounds seem to resemble that of a bomb and there is a searing sound which brought the image of a laser scope on a rifle scanning a desolate landscape. Moody and dark, definitely a dronal thing.

This is a high pressure synthesized beast that has had mixed reviews from my listeners. It follows a very loose rhythm and doesn't sit with everyone's taste. More or less Space Junk (Heavy Metal) is an experimental piece that I still quite enjoy listening to. The name references the original artwork that was released with this song - a nice image of the Earth with it's molten metal core exposed - the biggest piece of Space Junk of them all 😉

FINALMIXDOWN (Pachelbel's Canon)
This one remained untitled and simply FinalMixdown until this very day. I originally adapted this for a website to use in a Flash but the guys bit the dust like every other dot com at the end of the 90's and couldn't pay for the rights. So, I stitched the bits where they are supposed to go and here it is in all it's 2 minute glory; still named simply - FinalMixdown.

This is a small piece that acts as the theme of a private VuULF project that is now in production. I don't know if I will ever see the end product, but I will still have this song. Basically a stitch of many loops put together in Audition. Kind of fun - much more fun if the project was finished though...

This is absolutely my favorite piece. I played with this one for quite a while, figuring out what sounds complimented each other yet completely opposite, new with old, western with eastern. Interesting piece. The title of the piece and the spelling hold meaning to me, but that meaning is personal and this is not the proper venue for disclosing ones secrets.

While this started out as a great idea, I have no idea what went wrong. This should prove that I am not one of those that believes everything must be perfect to be released. I must have been extremely tired, extremely bored or both. This one is the worst one listed here, probably the worst one ever! It's empty and boring (much like my head at the time of it's conception?) based on loops that I had sampled - the loops are OK, this song is a stinker. Download only if you have ear plugs firmly in place!

That's it! The first compilation CD of VuULF. If I ever get a few spare minutes from messing with various projects I will return to playing with sound, but until then, enjoy what's here. Whether it is good or bad remains unimportant to me, the selfish truth is, I enjoyed making them and that is all that I really care about. You see? It isn't always about you 😀


(For those that "need" to know - Voluminous Ultra Low Frequency - Vu (like the Vu meter) ULF)

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