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ATI Mobility – Upgrade Your Drivers

As stupid as it sounds, many laptop/notebook manufacturing companies don't want ATI to officially support their systems with drivers, therefore many laptops have been blacklisted against working with the official ATI Mobility drivers. The problem here is that idiot companies (pronounced HP, Dell, Gateway, etc.) feel that if hardware is older than 10 minutes, they don't need to support their hardware anymore (especially evil, in my opinion, is HP - not just for notebooks - pretty much ANYTHING; including printers, scanners, etc. If you intend on updating your OS, check your HP hardware for support FIRST!)

Now back to the topic. I recently purchased a decent laptop from a friend that required a few things to get it working. Most notably was the power supply, but it also needs a battery, a new keyboard (letters wearing off, again, thanks HP for cheap paint) and I will probably throw a bigger hard drive in it as well. All in all I am happy with the machine and was especially happy that it included a decent video card with 256MB dedicated. The problem? HP, in their infinite un-wisdom, has a driver that was created before the birth of Buddha and no further support. While many of the games I enjoy playing do support the particular card that is on the motherboard, they require updated drivers. UGH! What to do?!?!?!

Well, I found a perfect piece of software today to get some of my favorite games going, including Mass Effect and Fallout 3! If you have the same problem I do and want to get the latest driver patch from ATI/AMD running on your mobility, download the software available at the link below and follow the instructions.

Enjoy! I hope this helped you get new drivers on your notebook!


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