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Life and Times

It has been an extremely long time since I updated anything on I apologize but, as we all know, life stays very busy. Many of you who follow this website know me personally and know, more or less, where I am and what I am doing. The difficulty, though, is that I am in California, most of the people I know are in Canada and I have been grossly negligent in contacting a lot of you. Please permit this short blog entry fill you in on the goings-on in my life of late.

As most of you know, I am a transplanted Canadian in the wonderful state of California. Life is fast paced and hectic here, but extremely enjoyable. As far as professional career goes I am still performing computing services, which should come as no surprise, and due to odd issues surrounding my education, I have returned to school as a full time student in 2011. I am enrolled in a path that will allow me to double major. This will take a lot of time, patience and energy, as I have voluntarily placed myself on an accelerated path, but the end result will be worth it.  I also did a brief but enjoyable stint as an extremely underpaid tech for a WISP. While it was a position that should have paid at least 3 times what I was making, it facilitated getting my feet wet as an employable individual in the United States, and I am very appreciative of that; with a 4 year gap on my resume while waiting for a status change to Legal Permanent Resident, it was hard to find employment. In a nutshell, that is what has been and is going on professionally.

I have met a lot of good friends while living down here; however I must name a few. Paul and Todd, a pair of amazing individuals who imparted to me a lot of wisdom and hope – I thank you! Matt, who became a little brother to me – live life well, my erstwhile friend! Very notably, someone whom I look up to as one does a father, Mr. Crazy Dan. You are one of the most intelligent, charismatic individuals I have met  in my life, and I thank you for your sage wisdom, immutable companionship and, above all, the omnipresent internal reminder to be vigilant and true to myself and to those around me. As a closing, though, I leave you with this.

A lyric from a version of Mr. Bojangles by Jim Stafford in 1974 comes to mind. This classic remake was prequeled with a title Jim called “A Visit With an Old Friend”. In this little dramatic, spoken word jaunt, Jim asks the counter person:

“Say, you ever meet somebody, soon as you see ‘em, you know they’re going to touch your life?”

I have been blessed beyond anything imaginable, to have found exactly that. I speak of my fiancé, Lee.

Lee is an amazing, well educated, outspoken and overall glorious woman. She has touched my life in ways I never thought possible, and our horizons are endless as we sail forward. Lee has stood behind me through every conceivable issue, be it good or bad. Lee is my constant and only companion in life; she is the reason I wake each day and makes me happy to draw breath when I do so. She has motivated me and challenged me; she has kept me alive. She is the reason I live; the reason I am; and the reason I Love. Nothing could, nor would, ever come between us. I look forward to the many years to come, she will be there beside me every moment of my life.

To Lee: You are a great treasure that was, and continues to be, found. I do not have the time I would like to have to simply spend life with you, unwrapping the layers that make you the central inspiration of my life; I grant you every moment that I can spare, even now, when I am supposed to be doing nothing ;). I Love You more than anything I could possibly express; You give life hope, purpose and meaning; for these, I thank you. You are my beloved; you are my Dolly; and I shall forever remain - Your Mr. Bear.


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